Get to know... Sophie
Get to know Sophie in #TheWVB blog this week.
Get to know... Bob
Get to know Bob in today's blog. More team members from #TheWVB soon.
Work in Progress
Sophie informs customers about the changing things around #TheWVB website.
Get to know... #TheWVB
Sophie provides an update on opening hours and the plans #TheWVB have for future content.
Linda wishes everyone a happy 2021 and has a personal message for her customers and followers. #TheWVB
Sophie's Takeover 3
Sophie pens her last message for 2020 and it is a big thank you to you.
#TheWVB have introduced lots of new items to their winter sale. We can post nationally and internationally.
Re-Stock on Popular Specials
#TheWVB is now restocking some of the Freya Feline Fleur Sweat from A Postcard from Brighton.
What will you wear for Christmas day? We ask #TheWVB team.
Take a look at what the girls at #TheWVB will be wearing for the big day.
Self Care Treats for your Christmas
Linda lets you in on #TheWVB products to help you relax and indulge in comfort this season.
Opening Hours into 2021
The opening hours over Christmas and into the New Year for #TheWVB. We've also included our regular opening hours from January 4th.
Special Offers
Linda writes an exclusive blog related to tonight's Facebook Live from #TheWVB.
Sophie's Takeover 2
Our Sophie talks about her 2 favourite gift items at #TheWVB.
10 days until Christmas
The Wootton Village Boutique introduce a gift wrapping option onto the website in the final countdown to Christmas. #TheWVB.
Have you seen our specials?
Check out our Specials page to see what lovely bargains you can grab. #TheWVB.
Re-stock on Ponchos
Introducing our new stock from Accessories by Park Lane. #TheWVB.
The Wootton Village Boutique now has a range of Milan Fashion Bags and purses back in stock. Some in bright and brilliant new colours. We'd love to know what our ladies think. What colours are we missing in our collection? #TheWVB
We are OPEN!
Linda checks in with you all about our opening hours for December and the new bundle service at #TheWVB.
Blade & Rose is added to #TheWVB website
Meet Blade & Rose - a beautiful family run business that create unique baby and small child clothing. At #TheWVB, we stock a selection of their designs.
Sophie's Takeover
This week we asked team member Sophie to write a short blog about her favourite brand in #TheWVB shop.
Introducing our Brands
Meet the brands stocked at #TheWVB.