Bundles, bundles, BUNDLES

Hi Lovelies, 
Sophie here. 
Have you seen our Mother's Day bundles yet? 
We'd love to hear your feedback about this idea, as we are thinking of introducing them full time (if you like them of course!). 
We'll be making new sets with varying price points every week. So do keep checking back on the bundles section often.
I'd also like to introduce you to our 'Make your own bundle' option too. While we remain physically closed due to lockdown restrictions, we'll just need the following information from you:
1. Your budget
2. Favourite colours for the recipient of the bundle 
3. Clothing size (optional)
With this information, please send a Facebook message to 'The Wootton Village Boutique' where we will then create a gift box idea and send you a picture to match your budget. Don't worry, we'll have different items and options so you can always mix and match what we first suggest! 
When you're happy, we can post it to your recipients address directly or to you.
And yes we're awesome, so we have already included the cost of postage in the price for you.
So explore our website - particularly the gifts and accessories pages, and let us know what extras you'd like to see in our upcoming new bundles. 
Best wishes,

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