Exciting Announcement

Hello Lovelies, 
It's Linda. 
We have something exciting to tell you. 
Due to your response to our sale, we've decided to create a new special area on our website.
Moving forward, we are going to start trialling a stock clearance section. This is for you to take a look at the last of an item(s) from previous seasons and hopefully grab yourselves a bargain. 
It means it will gradually build up over time, as the months and the seasons go by. But keep checking there regularly because I've always got a surprise up my sleeve. You know me by now ladies. 
The good news for you today is that alot of our winter sale items are now down to the final one, which means some of them will be the first features in our stock clearance section. 
I'll write to you again in a few months time when the spring season ends to let you know if any goodies are going into this section. But we've also got some exciting things planned here, so keep tuning into our Facebook lives won't you. I don't want you missing out now. 
That's all for today. Thank you all so much again for your continued support of The Wootton Village Boutique. I really appreciate you all so much. 
Bye Lovelies

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