Get to know... Sophie

Hi Everyone, 
Today it's my go.
Here are my answers to the same questions with Linda and Bob in our earlier blog series "Get to know". 
1. What is your proudest achievement?
"My degree. It was so challenging but worth it".
2. What is your earliest memory?
"My 5th birthday cake".
3. What is your favourite meal time?
"Breakfast but lunch if it's good leftovers".
4. If you could only listen to 5 musicians forever, who would they be?
"Foo Fighters
Nat King Cole
 Elton John 
...can't pick a 5th just yet because I'm just getting into country music
(so ask me in the shop when you pop in soon!)".
5. What is your favourite movie?
"Peanut Butter Falcon. Beautiful film and soundtrack. But of all time, it's got to be School of Rock. I'm confident I know all the words... no really, I do!".
Why not let us know your answers in the comments? 
Best wishes, 

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