Sophie's Outfit of the Week

Hi lovelies, 
Sophie here. 
It's been a while... how are you all? 
It's been quite an exciting week inside The Wootton Village Boutique for Linda. She's loved seeing you all, hearing your stories and sharing her new Spring collections with you. 
Today I've been asked to share with you all my outfit of the week... But do stick around to read Linda's very soon. 
My favourite outfit for the week has got to be this one:
I can admit I didn't rave about A Postcard from Brighton before because I found the sizing too vague. If I'm honest, I just felt it was a bit of an effort to try on or make an outfit work if one size was actually 3 (e.g. size 1 = UK 8-12, size 2 = UK 12-16/18).
But my goodness have I changed my mind now. I'm wearing grey palazzo pants (folded over twice because of the length, I won't lie - but can you even tell?!), a Sammy Vest in white and our new Ready for the Weekend sweatshirt. All in a size 1.
But here are my 3 BIG reasons for loving this outfit and this brand: 
I wanted comfort (but not scruffs) and yet I also felt really pretty.
I think this was because I was SO impressed with the quality of the clothes.
They are just so soft. I honestly felt a million dollars and it was the easiest outfit to get myself ready that morning.
I love how the Sammy Vest adds that little extra detail to the outfit.
From the contrast in colour, to the vest strap if I dropped the top off of my shoulder, to the lace detail around the bottom... I just felt glamorous however the sweatshirt sat (while also hiding what I had for lunch that day!).
Winner winner.
The palazzo pants are fabulous.
Can you tell I loved the swoosh effect around my ankles?
Being a UK size 10/12, I loved that they didn't stick to my skin. I could MOVE. Plus I loved that they were like a bootcut and not skinny towards the ankles.
Winner winner winner.
I hope that was helpful for you. 
Best wishes,

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