Sophie's Outfit of the Week

Hi lovelies,
Sophie here. 
How are you all this week? 
It's been an exciting week inside The Wootton Village Boutique again. We've had deliveries galore.
Some gorgeous new colourful jewellery that'll be available really soon.
Keep checking out the New In section won't you, I'd hate for you to miss out. 
My favourite outfit for this week has got to be this one:
This dress has made me love myself a little bit. I typically wear trousers and bigger clothes. It's just what I do, but who is with me on this one right?
I'm 100% not a dress girl, wish I was but I've never been swayed until now. 
Here are my 3 BIG reasons for loving this outfit and this brand: 
1. A dress really is a staple in any wardrobe. I love that I just threw this on and that was all the thinking I had to do. With the gorgeous swirling fishes pattern, I don't even think it needs to have jewellery. I say let the pattern speak for itself - which really is what Mistral is all about! 
Take a look at how they come up with their unique designs here:
2. I love all the trims around my legs. It is a really fabulous detail the designers have added to make it an exceptional dress to wear. It made me feel really pretty and girly with the swoosh effect when you turn or even twirl. With the central waist tie, it accentuated my waist and hid my most conscious areas. 
Winner winner. 
3. The sleeves.Oh the sleeves. I guess they are short... because they're not long? But they're a sort of midi sleeve because they come just above my elbow, so if you have any worries about skin marks or bingo wings - you'd never know!
Winner winner winner. 
I hope this information helps with your online shopping experience. 
Speak soon, 

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