Sophie's Takeover

Hi everyone! 
First I'd just like to say a big thank you for your patience with the website and online shop. It's a huge full time job and I am really doing my best to get things perfect for you.
So, big big thank you from me. 
Linda just loves to ask me tricky questions. Plus it's always a bit daunting going first! But, let's get on with it. 
I have two favourite brands. For two different reasons. 
My favourite brand would be Saint Tropez. It seems to be that brand that I always end up purchasing in store.
I think the style of a lot of the clothes Linda personally selects for you are floral, light and flowy. I love that.
They're not too figure hugging either, which works for me! It means I can eat a big meal and not feel self conscious. 
They're also really good for workwear and dressing smartly just for myself every day. So to me, as a recent graduate especially, that's a really good reason to treat myself. The outfits work for any setting, in my opinion. 
My favourite brand would also be Nomads. It is that brand that always attracts my eye when I'm in the Boutique. It reminds me of holiday, sun and travelling. All things a girl loves, right?! 
It's really easy to feel positive and happy wearing Nomads clothing because of the colours. But also the textures. 
I love their jumpers and wraps for being thick and cosy, but I love their trousers for feeling light and flowing.
I also think it's awesome that they are focused on doing what they can to help the environment. 
But enough from me. I could talk about all our beautiful brands all day! 
Sophie recommends
I recommend Saint Tropez for its versatility and ability to cater for multiple settings in just one outfit. 
I recommend Nomads for boosting your mood, positivity and general happiness. Holiday or no holiday. 
Best wishes, 

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