What will you wear for Christmas day? We ask #TheWVB team.

Hi Everyone,
Something a little different for you today. We've got to keep you on your toes after all. Today, I've interviewed the lovely Linda and the lovely Lila to find out what they are going to wear for Christmas at home this year. 
Linda says:
"Glam. All day. Glam. You know what I'm like ladies. I'll wear A Postcard from Brighton black leggings. They're smart and comfy, with a glittery top and some big statement earrings. I love my Jess & Lou earrings."
Lila says:
"Comfy and classic darling. Something simple for the cooking but gorgeous all day. And textures. I love my faux leather skirt or trousersCream have some gorgeous bits like this. With a pattern blouse and maybe a light jumper like the Casandrasz pullover.
Sophie says:
"I am all for a comfortable Christmas. But I will get out of my pyjamas to feel a little glamourous in the evening. I'll pop on some mascara and wear some sparkly stud earrings too. I'll be wearing my gift from Linda and Bob this year. It is the Saint Tropez Spotty Sweater with a comfy pair of jeans and my Jess & Lou star socks".  

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