Paisley Skull Print Fashion Face Mask

Paisley Skull Print Fashion Face Mask

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Single-layer mask.

*These pretty fabric hand-sewn face masks have been made using high-quality fabrics. *They have patterned fabric on the front and either plain cotton fabric on the reverse or a contrasting colour/design.
*Breathable- ideal for everyday use at work and at home
*Designed to provide protection against harmful external factors
*Elastic bands.
*Mechanical drying
*Limits direct contact of the face with the hands
*Machine-wash with a conventional detergent- the wash cycle of which must be 30min minimum at a temperature of 40°C
*Iron at a temperature of 120°C *Weight: 16.5g per mask
*Dimensions: These masks measure approximately 18-20cm width and 13-14cm height (non-expanded size).
*When the pleats are expanded the mask measures approximately 11cm-13cm in height (nose to chin). Exact measurements do vary.
*SIZES - Adult size is a general size that fits all *Recommended for sensitive skin- prone to allergies and irritations

Style No: MSK-00010-1209